Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction and Announcement of Customized Stone Cutting Service

I offer knife sharpening services for Japanese, European, and other kitchen knives as well as pocket knives, hunting knives and scissors.

I also offer a knife sharpening device that allows you to produce extremely precise, sharp and strong edges if you prefer to sharpen knives yourself. It has been named the Gizmo and it allows you to produce some of the finest and most precise edges available, exceeding the precision of freehand sharpening techniques. I also use the device myself for sharpening knives, along with freehand techniques where it is appropriate to produce a superior edge, customized to precisely meet the needs of the knife owner. I tend to use the word 'precise' a lot, because it is at the core of my philosophy of knife sharpening. I like to be able to measure what I'm doing and provide a precisely specified edge geometry combining the needs of the knife user with the qualities of the knife to produce an optimal result.

I am now also offering stone cutting services in cooperation with Tom Blodgett of Jende Industries. More information is available here:

Shapton and Naniwa Chocera Stones for the EdgePro, and 1/2 and 2/3 sized stones - Jende Industries

I am cutting sharpening stones for several applications, including Shapton Pro, Shapton GlassStones and Naniwa Chocera stones, specifically to fit the Edge Pro. We are also the first to have offered these stones in customized widths and thicknesses, including 1/2 thickness, 1/2 and 2/3 widths as well as specialized shapes to meet your unique requirements for specific applications or reduced costs. I will also provide customized cutting services for other stones as well. This has already included King stones and the Bester synthetic aoto, another first for the knife sharpening community. I can offer these stones as is or mounted in your choice of aluminum or glass backing or with a decorative granite backing in various widths. Stones specifically cut for the EdgePro have aluminum blanks specifically designed to fit the EdgePro stone holder shape, however these can be mounted as needed to your specifications.

Here's a few pictures.

A half width 10,ooo grit Naniwa Chocera stone over an optional granite base:

A smaller sized Naniwa Chocera 10,000 grit stone specifically cut and mounted to use in an EdgePro.

a full complement of Shapton Pro stones cut for the EdgePro going from 120 grit to 15,000 grit

I will also post additional pictures of these and other examples of stones cut for specific applications.

If anyone has specific questions, please feel free to contact me at

I'm always available to help you with your specific sharpening needs, whether it is to purchase stones, sharpening services, precision sharpening devices and other equipment or just to chat about sharpening in general even if it's just to help you with your own technique. I'm available to help both beginning sharpeners as well as to discuss and share advanced techniques. I'm here to both learn and teach and share some philosophical perspectives too. Sharpening is a passion of mine and I want to convey that passion for fine edges. In future postings, I'll share my techniques, new ideas and other topics of interest to people who appreciate putting a fine edge on a knife.

Come back often. I'm hoping to make some new friends, share with some old ones and have some fun conversations.



  1. Thanks for the post! I have been looking for stone cutting that is as precise as I want. I may be a little fussy, but no one has been able to get it right yet. I may need to buy a gizmo and do it myself.

    1. Hi Ginger,

      I do custom stone cutting. My usual stones are Shapton stones, Naniwa Chocera Stones and most recently Nubatama Stones.

      Check out my videos on youtube as kenneths123 - especially the 150 grit Nubatama which I also have cut for the EdgePro.

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