Monday, October 12, 2009

Moritaka - 26th Generation Japanese Knifemaker Endorses Precise Knife Sharpening

A while back, I visited a family of knife makers, the Moritakas, who have been making knives for 26 generations. They trace their origins back to a time when they made swords for the Buddhist Armies. I actually had the privilege of holding a 600 year old sword signed by one of their ancestors, truly a rare privilege. They use hand forged techniques for making their knives and produce custom knives. In addition to getting their knives directly from the Moritaka family, Mark at

Chef Knives To Go

carries a selection of their knives.

I own several of their knives and they are my most prized knives. They are also my favorite knives to sharpen because they take an exceptional edge.

Recently, the Moritaka family added an endorsement for both Precise Knife Sharpening and the precision sharpening device I produce to their web site. I was quite humbled by this honor as it is extremely unusual to have a traditional Japanese company endorsing an American knife sharpener!

Here is the information at the bottom of this page:

Moritaka Endorsement

Moritaka Signature on 600 Year Old Sword

Holding a 600 Year old Sword

Moritaka's ancestor in Traditional Knifemaker's Garb at the Forge



  1. Great post, and I never thought that there was a big deal to sharpening professional knives. That was until I ended up cutting my finger and having to get stitches. That's why I leave the sharpening to the professionals.

  2. It is great to see your helpful detail about the subject, here also I was visit Couteau-de-chasse for the shopping of knifes.

  3. I can't believe that sword is still sharp. My fishing knives are getting rather dull. I really need to get them sharpened. They probably won't stay sharp for 600 years though.